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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Picture of The Day

We just had our Concert Choir very own choir concert last friday in our own UCSI campus and the result was quite satisfying. Think about the hard work we did all over the semester and it was rewarding to have people complimenting our hard work. Kudos to every concert choir members!

Don't I look like a prefect back in secondary school? LOL

Monday, June 20, 2011

Once Again

Once again I stopped updating my blog. For don't know what reason I just don't have the passion like before for blogging. Maybe it's because I'm getting busier and all my school works are shouting for my attention. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Yeah. I know. I'm always lazy. =p

But then again, I do want to continue blogging. It feels good to start typing on this blog again. You know, to express yourself with words that you can't really say it out loud, but with words you can describe every details, magnified and clear.

I will try my best to update more. I don't know who else would still be interested in my blog again. I've certainly lost most of my reader through the few update-less month. But I'll still go on.

Here's a song I'm currently hook up to. Who knew John Mayer could be such a good jazz singer? =]