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Monday, November 8, 2010

How's Holiday

You got that damn right kitty! I'm in boredom hell alright.

It's been a week from my arrival back in Miri. Well, nothing change much here except for the new mall open near the airport, Medeka Mall they call it. That's weird, I haven't went to check it out yet, but I bet there is nothing much to see.

Oh I miss KL shopping malls. I bet there is many of you who reads my blog now having that disgusting smirk on your face and throwing question about why did I left KL that hurry. If you are one of the above, I OFFICIALLY HATE YOU!!!

I guess I better start finding stuff to do before I'm bored to death. I'll try make out a to-do-list ASAP. And I know I owe you guys the Singapore trip post. Will work on it soon. =p

Peace out.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Camping In LCCT

Hey guys, guess where am I?!

If you are clever enough, you have already spot the location at the title. =p

LCCT. That's right!

And why am I here for?!


Wow.... sounds extraordinary right?!?!

Care to join me?! It would be fun. I promise.

Okay, this the deal. I'm suppose to be flying back to my hometown, Miri, early morning at 7.05am. But I have no choice to take the midnight train to LCCT or eles I would not make it for the flight. And now I'm here. Camping at the cafeteria, Facebooking, blogging and I just finished my HEALTHY EARLY 3 PIECES CHICKEN KFC BREAKFAST!!!

It's Finger Lickin' Good! XD

By the way, I decided not to sleep and stay awake until my flight. One good reason for it is that I'm alone and I don't want my belongings carry away by others without myself knowing it. I think coffee would serve me well here now.

Another thing is, damn the stupid airport for only allowing 2 hours of wireless connection. I was planing to spend the night in front of the computer doing something. But now, for another hour I'm off the line. Damn it again!!!

Anyway, I was thinking of working on my Singapore trip post for you guys. I had fun on this short holiday. Many exciting and funny stories to share with you guys. I just need time to type them out.

Now I hope the daylight would come quickly.

6 Hours 10 Minutes 05 Second Counting down.