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Monday, February 7, 2011

Firework Art

When a bunch of crazy people armed with curiosity and creativity
comes together...

We create ART!!!

This was our 1st ever attempt on doing such photography. So things are a little bit messy. But we still felt content as the result didn't turn out too bad. Hahaha.....

As we Chinese celebrates the year of rabbit. The master piece of the night was a picture of a bunny. I personally love this picture the most. XD

Photo credits: Pandan young adult fellowship
Photographer credits: Chian Rui Di

Check out our photographer. He is a freelance photographer in Miri.
Click to check out his webside.
Ruidi's Photostream

We hope everyone life would be filled with



  1. so beutifull(^^)
    love the cute round rabbit^^
    u guys r so creative...

  2. haha... I love that rabbit too. It looks like its running. lol

  3. Your sparkles turned out really nice! I did the same thing with my cousins and friends for new year eve (can check out the pictures at my facebook if you want) but, it was quite messy. Haha=P

  4. Lynthia, you guys did a good attempt too. haha... By the way, you had lost so much weight!!! WOW...