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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Reunion Dinner

We had a different reunion dinner this year. Its an extraordinary experience which everyone is very excited about when the news reach our house.

[Blessed as we all are to have a family]

Every year on this very day, every member of the Choo Family would gather at my house for the biggest feast of the year. A tradition which had pass down from ancient time and would pass down forever. The reunion dinner.

When we talk about food in this family, nothing comes simple. And I'm LOVING it!!!!

[Four season]

[Evelyn with all the food she can eat] =p

Now for the special part of this year's reunion dinner. We have some visitors visiting us with some unusual gadgets.

[Got style] lol

We have the people from the national television station visiting us, taking videos of us eating. Hahaha... So we have to be very polite in front of the camera while eating. Once the camera is off. We are like wolfs who have not eaten for days. =p

Then we have a tradition of giving ang pao. We young ones would line up in front of our grandma and wish her a happy new year and receive an ang pao in return. Who doesn't like ang paos?! XD

[Happy Chinese New Year Grandma!!!]

[Happy is written on everyone's face]

There was an interview session. 3 of us was given a interview. I was one of them, but I kinda freak out in front of the camera and I have no idea what I'd said. hahaha.... We still don't know who's interview they will be using. We'll just have to wait. LOL.....

[I like to thank my mum, my dad, my grandma, my brother, my sister...]
and the list goes on and on. =p

[Wishing everyone Happy New Year]

Finally the visitation end around an hour or more. Everyone then started to cool down a little. Everyone was so excited when the camera man was in the house. hahaha....

Grandma then pull out a bag of scarf and gave it to us to choose. She made us all a scarf. How sweet of her!!!! XD

[I Love my Grandma!!!!]

Even the youngest one get a cute scarf. XD

[My cute niece and her pretty mummy]


[Do I look pretty?!] XD


[I'm just kidding. hehe...] >.<

[they came from a land far away......]

Finally the Finale of the night. Family picture time!!!!
Proudly presenting the CHOO FAMILY!!!

[The BIG Choo's Family]

[Grandma and her grandchildren and grand grandchildren]

Have a Great Chinese New Year Everyone!!!!

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