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Monday, January 31, 2011

Chinese New Year Mood On

My band mate told me how I looked like on the day I was going back to my hometown. So much joy she said. Truthfully I am. There is nothing more happier for a wanderer to get to go back to his native land.

Its been quite a while since I got to feel this way. The joy of waiting for Chinese New Year to arrive. I can still remember how exciting it was when I was a kid counting the days left to CNY. Me and my sisters used to start counting down a month before. Hahaha.... Those were the days when we were still young and innocent. Pure happiness enrich us even more when days passed by.

I started to lost this feeling few years ago while growing up. CNY wasn't as exciting as it used to be. I guess it was because there wasn't much to expect from CNY when you were at home with every family members surrounding you. So the appreciation started to fade.

But this year is a complete different story. I'm out in KL studying, separated from home by the South Sea of China. Going back home is not an easy task, although flying back only cost me 2 hours and 15 minutes, but the point is I am separated from home and things are not the same anymore.

I guess people are right, CNY is special to people like me, because this is the time when wanderers get to go back home and reunite with their family. I can justified this saying now. Loud and clear!!

I love this feeling and will cherish the time to be with my family, knowing that I'll be back to KL soon and wont be back for a while. This will definitely be a special Chinese New Year for me and my family.


*photographer credit to Ignitius, Sony Nex 5.

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